My work in libraries is patron-focused and access-oriented. I specialize in art/tech programming, digital literacy education, and accessible creative spacemaking across spectrums of age, ability, and experience. My approach to librarianship is informed by speculative fiction, intersectional theory, and my practice as an artist.  My CV is available here.  I’ve appeared in the following panels and publications:

2018 “Drawing at the Dirt Palace: Foreseeing Feminist Futures” panel at Comic Arts Brooklyn (with Xander Marro, Mimi Chrzanowski, Anneli Sanaye Henriksson, and Greta Scheing).

2018 “Digital Dress-Up: Creating Drag-and-Drop Games in Scratch” and “After Scratch: Connecting Teen Patrons with Next Steps” for 50 Coding Projects for Libraries (ed. Ellyssa Kroski).

2016 “Ready, Set, Animate! Cross-Department Collaboration in Public Libraries” Rhode Island Library Association Bulletin (with Babs Wells).

Learn about my work on the following projects and initiatives: